The Art Of Logo Designing

The art of logo designing

The digital transformation, accelerated in recent years by the pandemic, has resulted in a plethora of amazing new branding designs. Because of the sudden saturation in visual communication, companies and startups have had to be more inventive, or sometimes purposefully divergent, to stand out.

While some logo trends endure, others ebb and flow. The new year will bring us not only a new beginning but also new modern logo design trends. This blog post was written to keep you up to date on the latest logo design trends, so you can stay ahead of the competition. A well-designed logo has the potential to propel any business forward. It is one of the most important ways to distinguish one brand from another and make it recognizable in the eyes of the public. Without further ado, let us begin.

1. Simplicity

The main feature of this style is that it reduces the logo to its essential elements to make it clear and uncluttered. This type of design has a high potential for capturing your customers’ attention and making your brand timeless, which is why many businesses prefer to keep their brand logos minimalistic and versatile. The best part about using minimalist design is that it takes advantage of how our brain already works. Instead of remembering complex images, our minds simplify images to store them in memory.

2. Monograms

Monograms are logos made up of two or more letters that form a symbol when combined or overlapping. In most cases, the letters will represent the company’s initials. Some well-known clothing brands may have used this logo trend because it conveys a sense of dependability, professionalism, and sophistication. Although monograms are one of the newest logo trends, the first recorded monogram appeared on coins in 350 BC. Monograms have also been used as Christian symbols, and artists and craftspeople used them to sign their work in the Middle Ages. Their recent resurgence demonstrates that timeless classics like these never truly go out of style.

3. Negative Space

Negative space, also known as white space, is the area of a design that is left empty, according to Google.
White space is like a canvas: it’s the background that holds the elements together in a design, enabling them to stand out”.
Negative space, in conjunction with minimalism, is an excellent way to make your design cluster free and modern. It’s also a fun way to help build a shape that represents an important feature. You can go a long way with white spaces if you design the logo to include subtle messages and visuals.

4. Layering

Logo layering is the art of overlapping one element over another in a design to create contrast, depth, and a sense of harmony. Layering can be accomplished by combining colors, shapes, texts, patterns, symbols, and many other elements. Layering is ideal for geometrical shapes, transparency, and color transitions, as demonstrated in the previous example. It’s also used to manage complexity and strengthen relationships between elements.

5. Geometric Shapes

Geometric shapes have triumphantly made their way into contemporary logo design trends. Because of its name, the logo is designed based on geometric forms; therefore, it is critical to understand the symbolic significance of each one before incorporating it into your logo. Triangles, rhombuses, and squares can be combined with text, lines, and icons to form a symbol or a brand name. This structural design approach is similar to the minimalist trend: avoid crowded designs by keeping only the essentials. Furthermore, geometrical shapes can be creatively combined with negative space or icons to create an appealing brand symbol.

6.Hand-Drawn Logos

In 2023, sketches, scribbles, doodles, and stylized drawings will be popular. Although geometric shapes will be a trend as well, the hand-drawn style is used by brands who want to show their true self. Even minimalists will appreciate this style, making it the most effective way of communicating aesthetics. The best part about this strategy is how well it conveys the brand’s personality. Nothing works better than an original drawing to achieve that goal. Gradients, whether saturated or subtle, are incredibly versatile, and depending on the application, execution, and placement, they can make your brand stand out without being overpowering.

7.Colors that stand out

As you may have noticed, the new year will bring bright colors. Color has the power and emotion to shape your brand identity and how your audience perceives it. Using a vibrant and saturated color scheme may convey the message that your company is dynamic, modern, and entertaining. Black and white logos will always have a place in design, but in 2023, vibrant and colorful logos will stand out in a sea of app icons, making it difficult not to touch.

Last thoughts

There are numerous design opportunities to explore and experiment with, ranging from minimalistic and geometric shapes to bold color palettes and gradients. You can use the above logo design trends as inspiration for your next project while keeping in mind the principles that make a logo work. Trends come and go, but the only thing that must endure is the creativity required to create a logo that is simple, memorable, adaptable, and, most importantly, ideal for representing your brand and its essence.

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The Art Of Logo Designing


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