Solana Mobile Stack: Web 3.0 in Your Pocket

Solana Mobile Stack

Solana Mobile Stack is an open-source software development kit (SDK) that allows native Android web3 apps to use the Solana blockchain. Let’s understand what is SDK.

An SDK is a collection of software development tools for a specific platform that includes building blocks, debuggers, code samples, and, in some cases, a framework or group of code libraries.

SMS will allow you to use the Solana network on Android devices whether you are developing a mobile-friendly web app, a native mobile wallet app a React Native Android app.

The motivation behind SMS

However, emerging market trends highlight the importance of mobile even more. With 1.8 billion mobile internet users (compared to only 500 million in the United States and Western Europe) and a combined GDP of $36.4 trillion, China is the world’s largest economy. Emerging markets are on an unstoppable and underappreciated rise, fueled almost entirely by the mobile internet. This mobile ecosystem is creating a plethora of remarkable opportunities as a result of a combination of low-cost high-speed mobile broadband rollouts, rapid digital adoption, and continued economic development.

Most Western companies talk about “Mobile First”, but for emerging markets, it’s “Mobile Only”. The smartphone is the only computer and communication device for the majority of users and families. According to a Research survey conducted in emerging markets, 54% of internet users in these countries went online without access to a computer or tablet in their homes. A large portion of the population in emerging markets relies on mobile connectivity to access online activities.

Wallet Adapter for Mobile Devices

The Mobile Wallet Adapter specification is an open standard for connecting apps to wallets. It enables Wallet apps to provide transaction signing services for a variety of mobile apps, including mobile-friendly web apps that run in the browser and native apps built with React Native, as well as traditional Kotlin or Java apps.

The protocol will not be limited to Android; it also plans to support iOS and allow Wallet apps to provide signing services to applications running remotely, such as on other smartphones and PCs.

What distinguishes it from a simple Phantom wallet integration?

Deep links are used by the Mobile Wallet Adapter protocol to enable a dapp (whether a native dapp or a web dapp running in a browser)

What distinguishes it from a simple Phantom wallet integration?

The Mobile Wallet Adapter protocol employs deep links to enable a dapp (whether native or web-based) to launch any wallet on a device that supports the Mobile Wallet Adapter protocol (and allows the user to choose if they have several installed).

This is a more versatile option because it establishes a bidirectional WebSockets connection between the dapp and the wallet, allowing them to communicate back and forth. A single session can sign multiple transactions.

The Seed Vault

The Seed Vault is a system service that provides Wallet apps with secure key custody.Seed Vault helps to keep your secrets safe by integrating with secure execution environments available on mobile devices (such as secure processor operating modes and/or secure auxiliary coprocessors). Your keys and seeds are never left outside of the secure execution environment, and UI components built into Android handle user interaction to provide a secure transaction signing experience.

This will be available only with Saga, Solana’s smartphone developed in collaboration with OSOM. OSOM is in charge of developing the Seed Vault’s implementation. For accessing the Seed Vault, SMS will only have an API contract and a support library.

The embedded secure element used for Seed Vault is currently available on slightly more expensive smartphones. According to Counterpoint Research, by 2025, more than half of smartphones will have embedded hardware security.Other OEMs may develop seed vault-like functionality, but it will likely be limited to their flagship devices at first because the implementation must be chipset specific.

With the recent news of Solana wallets being hacked, this feature is critical if we want to see people using dApps on their phones without fear of losing their funds.

Solana Pay

Solana Mobile Stack includes Solana Pay integration for wallet apps. Solana Pay is a standard URL protocol used to request Solana translations.

Solana dApp Store

Solana dApp Store is a new Android app distribution system for decentralised apps. It will allow apps that want to establish direct relationships with their customers to transact without paying platform fees. On Saga, the Solana dApp Store will coexist with Google Play, providing access to web2 and web3 apps.

A backpack is also launching a mobile-focused app store, with backing from Solana Labs, among others. A backpack is intended to be a new type of smart wallet that will house apps known as units.

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Solana Mobile Stack: Web 3.0 in Your Pocket


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