Once we have the requirements that we receive based on the discovery call or business case development, we prototype the user flows very quickly with international design standards into mobile apps/web apps that will help you visualize the workflow and iterate through functionality, app aesthetic and user experience before finalising the scope for the project

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Mobile Apps

We can build delivery apps, news apps, coaching apps, fitness apps, banking apps, ecommerce apps, barcode scan driven inventory management apps, community management apps, internal business workflows ,  or pretty much any workflow into a light client mobile app that can drive user traffic, maintain user stickiness while being a superior tech product in relevance with your business


Personal websites,  ecommerce websites, content driven sites, configuration web apps ,  banking websites, asset management websites and pretty much anything under the sun

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Cloud Services

Cloud Consulting and Development brings opportunities for the growth of your business. Most enterprises today are unaware of the competitive advantages that cloud technology provides. Cloud-based solutions allow businesses to expand rapidly. However, many organizations don’t know how to start their cloud journey. Unplanned and templated cloud strategies fail all the time because one-size-fits-all cloud routes do not work. Enterprises achieve the much-needed agility and elasticity to sustain – and scale – their business growth with the right, tailored cloud strategy.

With its Cloud Advancement Services, Ecosleek Tech improves business agility. We ensure you with the best cloud journey by helping you at all the stages from cloud setup to cloud migration.

If you are enterprise looking for devOps implementation, cloud infra setup and migration, please get in touch as we are confident that we can greatly reduce the cost of implementation


Increase the collaboration between the development and operations team , increase the efficiency of the development teams, manage changes more effectively and overall reduce the cost of development and maintenance by 20 – 30 %