How to Build a Fitness App

 How to build afitness app

How to build a fitness app- features and cost

Hello You! If you are a business user trying to build a fitness app for your business or customers,
this post should help throw some light on the cost that is involved to build your dream business
of transforming the health of the world one human at a time. The below features are only indicative,
where your business might not need all of the below or may need more than below. A simple
comparison of the total cost mentioned at the end of this post should give a good indication
of the cost that might be required. So let’s have a look on how to build a fitness app- features and cost.

The Platform Fitness Applications Features:

1. Features for customers
Account and profile 
  •  Account set-up i.e. create an account or login with Facebook/google/email login
  • Profile set-up i.e. create a profile with body characteristics and targets.
Tracking and browsing
  •  Monitor i.e. to check steps, sleep.
  • Discover to find a fitness center or wellness center or a spa or a yoga studio etc.
  • Track calorie i.e. to maintain a diet chart and input information to count and track calories consumed.
  • Browsing i.e. to browse through various services in a selected fitness center like boot camps, strength training, dance fitness, yoga fitness and weekly/monthly fitness challenges – the timings , fee and trainer associated.
Fitness and diet related:
  • Fitness pack i.e. to buy a fitness pass of their choice
  • Verification i.e. to verify the fitness pass at the fitness center via a barcode scan and use the fitness center.
  • Diet Plans i.e. to find and browse customized diet plans for free or on pay.
Group Sessions and other services
  • Group sessions book a check the availability of a group session and book in advance.
  • Additional services i.e. to avail and pay additional services like juice bar, protein shakes etc. from the app.
  • Journey overview see a dashboard of his/her journey.
  •  Discussions interact with other members of the platform or post progress to major media platforms.
  • Receive notifications and view order history
  • Affiliate Services: To find physiotherapists and sports medicine, cryo- tanks.

2. Features built Fitness Center Admin (FCA).

  • To create center information like address and contact number or derive that information from Google Places.
  • Service Management i.e. services of the fitness center like weight room, sauna room, restrooms, running track , yoga studio etc.
  • Creating and maintaining various membership plans
  •   Assign costs to plans like per-class, weekly, monthly , quarterly , half yearly yearly etc.
  • To configure and combine various services with membership plans.
  • Scheduling various group classes and sessions with various trainers/teachers .
  • To create class timings and duration and assign a capacity limit to the class.
  •  To assign group classes to various membership plans.
  •  Employee management i.e.  assigning employee roles and timings and pay.
  • To broadcast offers, new etc.  to the customer via notifications

Fitness App: Cost estimation

As we talked about it earlier, the above is only an indicative list of features and the cost for this application is developed with us can range from anywhere between $20K – $50K based and can be implemented within 4 – 8 months based on the configurations required.

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How to Build a Fitness App: Features and cost estimation – Ecosleek Tech

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