How much does it cost to make a Website?

How much does it cost to build a website

Why do you need a website or a Web App? 

Hello you! You might be someone who just set up a new business and is looking for an internet presence, or you might be someone trying to build a personal portfolio website or maybe you are someone trying to set up an e-commerce business or maybe you are a mature company looking for upgrades to your existing website or platform. 

Enough with the maybe’s, you have decided to build a website that supports your personal or business cause. 

Now in the plethora of options available, the difficult questions you might face are “ Do I build the website myself ?” “Do I outsource it to freelancers ?” “Do I outsource it to a service company?”  “how much does it cost to build what I need ?” 

Let’s try to answer these questions by breaking down the types of websites at a very high level to set up a basic understanding of the web world.

Type 1: Personal Portfolios – These websites present whatever information that you want to portray to the internet about yourself. These websites are very basic, they should not cost you more than $500 if you offshore the work. Better yet, you can build them yourself by selecting a template on either WordPress, Wix, or Square. Now, these guys made it really easy to build a basic website and they have beautiful templates that suit every need. You can also get fancy with the design tools offered on these platforms. They have monthly and yearly packages which take care of domain, design, and hosting charges all combined.

Type 2 : Business Portfolios – These websites can absolutely take the path described under Type 1, but if the information is large and changes dynamically, meaning new information is continuously added or old information is deleted, branding needs to be maintained, contains some level of reporting, has exquisite imagery that needs to loaded onto the screen, then building a website taking the help of professional freelancers or service providers might be a good idea. To identify the freelancers and professional service companies please follow the steps or we are here to help!

Type 3: Ecommerce Business – These websites need product display, product descriptions, carts, payment gateways. Customer reviews, shipping facilitation, etc. We recommend building using Shopify, WooCommerce. Magento, Wix, and similar companies where all the features listed above are available out of the box. The setup should be simple and there are tons of videos available on youtube to help with the setup. The work can also be outsourced for the configuration to be implemented by freelancers or service companies.

But if your business has already taken off, and you are worried about the sale data being present on the third-party applications, and protecting your trade secrets is the topmost priority, then building and maintaining your own platform would be a better idea. This will need a frontend/backend setup and can be implemented using technologies like ReactJs, Angular, or VueJs Storefront as the Frontend with a Nodejs backend.

Type 4: Websites for Custom Workflows: These websites cover any business workflow that needs to be improved through a web workflow that the user can go through and save man-hours. They can range from an application used by insurance agents to manage their book of business, or a banker to estimate mortgage rates ten years from now to build home loan products, or a dashboard that gives drilled down details about 5000 sales executives around the country, etc! You get the idea!

We will be glad to take up something like this as our founder, a product and tech director has vast experience with five Fortune 500 Clients carrying experience building complex customer software.

Technology  Rate/Hour (USA) Rate per Hour (India)
WordPress $30 – $50 $14 – $20
Wix $30 – $50 $14 – $20
Square $30 – $50 $14 – $20
Shopify $30 – $50 $14 – $20
WooCommerce $30 – $50 $14 – $20
Magento $30 – $50 $14 – $20
ReactJS (Frontend Framework) $50 – $100 $25 – $50
Angular  (Frontend Framework) $50 – $100 $25 – $50
VueJS  (Frontend Framework) $50 – $100 $25 – $45
Node.Js Backend $50 – $100 $25 – $45
Cloud Administration $70 – $120 $30 – $60
How much does it cost to make a Website?

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